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Greyhound racing in Melbourne is often a lavish and classy affair. Gone are the days of standing around dusty tracks and eating cold pies from a snack truck. Today it’s a mix of luxurious comfort, five star food and outstanding hospitality. Leading the way in Melbourne are two of the…

Melbourne Greyhounds

Greyhound racing has been a long standing tradition in Australia and the fast paced action has always attracted the punters. Over the years the Melbourne greyhounds have brought a lot of exposure to the sport as a whole and the entire country has benefited from it. There are some of the largest and most popular greyhound racing clubs in Victoria some of which include the Shepparton Greyhound Racing Club, Warragul Greyhound Racing Club, Sandown Greyhound Racing Club and the Meadows. Many of the world finest greyhound events take place in Victoria so it is no wonder there are so many great venues and organizations for the sport there.

The Melbourne greyhounds have become so popular among online punters the bookies are starting to cater to events like these more and more. These days online bookmakers offer well rounded services that entail more than just the average bookmaking services. Everything from highlights and previews to updates and insider gambling strategies can found as part of the bookmaking features. Some of these services and feature are free where as others have membership fees. Most, if not all, professional bookmakers are members of these kinds of sites as in many places in the world this is the only way to gather information on some of these events. Statistically speaking there are not very many resources online regarding the Melbourne races other than these kind of sites when it comes down to hardcore information.Melbourne Greyhounds

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Greyhound Racing with the Shepparton Greyhound Racing Club

The Shepparton is one of Victoria’s finest and most modern greyhound racing facilities. The course is made of a sand surface like many greyhound venues and is run at three different distances. The course has been upgraded and moved from its original location when it was called the Shepparton Showgrounds.

Warragul Greyhound Racing

The Warragul Racing Club is also very popular among Aussie punters and has a firm grasp on the greyhound racing community in Victoria. The racing club hosts its events at the Logan Park Showgrounds which is about 100 km outside of Melbourne. The Warragul Club was more or less formed officially in the 1949 race meetings. Ever since that point the club has evolved into a world renowned first class provincial race track. Race here take place at two different distances, 699 meters and 424 meters. Aussie punters have been flocking to their computer to bet on the Warragul events for years now and will seemingly continue to.

The Sandown Greyhound Racing Club

The Sandown is another major racing Club in Victoria that is very popular among punters online. The sandown park Coursing Club, as it was referd to back then, began there history in 1935. They stayed at that venue until the mid 50’s. In 1974 after previously switching from a turf course to a sand surface, the venue was of the firs greyhound racing tracks to introduce the trifecta. Over the next several years up until the present day the course was refurbished in major ways which lead to a boom in the popularity of the events there in the online world. The structure and facility was updated in the following ways 1 million dollars each was put into the track and the kennel complex, 2 million into the Tabaret and 200 000 into the veterinary facility. The most impressive upgrade of all was the 6 million dollars put into the grandstand which is called the Henry Garrison Grandstand.

Greyhound racing is as popular as it has ever been and most especially in Australia. Aussies have always loved their greyhound races but with all the upgrades and major events that take place the internet gambling marketplace has caught fire. The Melbourne greyhounds are a major part of the greyhound industry around the world and the support it gets online is major contributor to that.